3P Link

3P Link

Our Role

Link Technologies SA developed the 3Plink application, which supports Logistics and Transportation (3PL) companies in their operations management.

3Plink Application is compatible with any Windows 6 and later mobile or PDA device. The application integrates the procedures of the following departments of the company:

Traffic Desk Department
Finance Department
3Plink streamlines the operational process, resulting in lower operational costs and minimising editing errors within the company’s ERP system.

Application Description

The 3Plink application can be installed at any mobile or PDA device which supports Windows mobile 6 or later.  Additionally, our company can design a database which can be bridged with the ERP software of the client in order to insert data simultaneously to the two systems.

The system administrator can inform the drivers of their future routes via their mobile or PDA device..


The software aims to cut operating costs and minimise delivery times, amongst other benefits:

Avoid unnecessary telephone calls between the driver and the system administrator
Increase driver’s productivity time
Real time route information
Reduce delivery time
Increase clients’ satisfaction by minimizing delivery time
Historical data are available
User friendly interface