Water Supply

The goal of our solution is to avoid unnecessary waste of water either by the consumer or by poor network operation. Water meter telematics is a modern way that can be adopted to help Waterworks in their work. Each water supply is fitted with a contact water flow meter which for a predetermined volume of water gives electrical pulses as output. These pulses are counted by the system and stored in memory for each customer separately. A microcontroller undertakes the processing of the data, the creation of the information packet and its sending to the center.

The software collects and processes the information package and offers the following capabilities:

  • Automatically collect and store metrics
  • Data management and processing
  • Linking metrics with an existing system
  • Measurement at fixed intervals, with demand (on-demand)
  • Shows the stations on a digital map of the Municipality
  • Alarm on events like leakage, large deviation, etc.
  • Segmentation and grouping of stations per municipality, supply pipeline, etc.
  • Geographic consumption statistics
  • Search for stations on the map based on gauge code, consumer information
  • Full view of each subscriber’s consumption (per hour / day / week etc.)
  • Immediate picture of interventions, damages (revenue increase)
  • Ability to predict and create consumption patterns per subscriber, subscriber group,