Link Technologies developed and implemented an innovative solution for the EKAB Thessaloniki. It replaced an obsolete incident recording system with a new, completely automated, which is also linked to the ambulance telematics system. The pioneer is that there is continuous monitoring of the incident from the moment of receiving the telephone call to the delivery of the incident from the ambulance to the hospital.

The existence of the system enables the continuous flow of information and cooperation between the various stages of the incident. The connection of the system to a TETRA device optimizes application usage and communication between all involved in the stages of an incident.

Finally, the existence of a digital record and historical archive of the EKAB optimizes future incident management.


The advantages of using the Link Technologies solution for the EKAB are multiple and lead to better vehicle fleet management, better and faster call center management and optimal incident efficiency. Below are the benefits of the system user:

  • Optimization of ambulance traffic control
  • Optimization of an ambulance service
  • Full and continuous update on the course of the incident
  • Continuous and uninterrupted flow of information
  • Immediate and automated incident handling