Urban and Interurban Transportation

The need to improve the transport infrastructure of urban and suburban transport with the simultaneous upgrading of the services offered to the citizens has made it necessary to integrate state-of-the-art technologies into the daily flow of the work of the companies that carry out the transport project. A technology solution that can achieve maximum reception and transmission of information in real time is telemetry and telematics.

Link Technologies’s Skyview software is the transport management tool. All information extracted from the telematics device installed in the vehicle is received, decoded and displayed in this software.

Is adressed to:

• Performers of urban and interurban transport

• Local Government Organizations

• Tourist bus companies

• Road haulage companies


• Improving the quality and productivity of public transport services

• Limit and eliminate the evasion ticket phenomenon

• Better use of human resources

• Reduction of fuel costs and maintenance

• Providing real-time information to passengers about the service, changes to it, bus stops at the stops and location announcement, through different information channels (eg stop signs, Internet, smartphones, sms)

• Interoperability with systems: accounting, payroll, fuel management, orders

• Improving the image and increasing the attractiveness of public transport for passengers

• Possibility of future expansion

Skyview’s key feature is its easy customization to meet the needs and to fully meet the requirements of each customer-user.