SKYMETER Hydroedition

SKYMETER Hydroedition

Water Supply



SkyMeter Hydroedition is placed on the water supply and offer the following features:

  • Highly accuracy of water flow measurement  R160
  • Features a long-life magnetic flow sensor (pulse output)
  • Sends measurement data wirelessly
  • Remote valve control (opening / closing of the solenoid valve)
  • NFC to instantly recognize the meter (contactless)
  • Internal tamper sensor installed
  • Motion sensor with immediate alarm in case of activation (anti-tampering)
  • Remote monitoring of battery status
  • Ηas an internal shut off valve
  • Valve control can be automatically scheduled (eg. switch off between 12: 00 – 14:00)
  • a dedicated LoraWAN radio module
  • easy battery change without the need to open the body
  • Certifications MID 2004/22/EC και EN 14154-1:2005+A2:2011.


  • Physical visit and recording of measurements are not required
  • Elimination of inaccessible meters
  • Remotely control equipment
  • Managing the shut off valve
  • Automation of the water-monitoring process, freeing up staff to utilized in more productive ways
  • Weekly updates of each customer’s gas usage, allowing for more regular billing
  • Eliminate human error from water usage recording process
  • Ability to connect other sensors (pressure, temperature, pH etc.)
  • Immediate notification of incidents (malfunction, tampering, etc)
  • Decrease errors in accounts, re-checks, complaints
  • Predictability and consumption patterns per subscriber, group subscribers. Access to a wide-range of statistics to guide business decisions
  • Full history and consumption profile
  • Ability to analyze data in a Geographic Information System (GIS)


  • View statistics and historical consumption data
  • Email / SMS alerts for leaks, off-peak consumption, etc.
  • Full view of consumption with detailed bills and graphs (per hour / day / week, etc.)
  • Total consumer information for annual water use
  • Subscriber information (telephone, Internet, etc.), value added services.