Telematics in Waste Collection


Garbage collection and disposal is a process that requires each Municipality to allocate human resources for proper planning, proper execution and necessary control. In addition to human resources, it is necessary to ensure the daily proper operation of vehicles for the safety of both transport and drivers.

The above project is complex and requires frequent monitoring and supervision by Municipality, as it is related to environmental protection, management, detailed recording of total expenditure and upgrading the quality of services offered to citizens.

Link Technologies can plan the waste collection of the Municipality through a complete telematics monitoring and management system for garbage trucks, human resources and the available means of cleaning.


The advantages of using the Link Technologies solution for the EKAB are multiple and lead to better vehicle fleet management, better and faster call center management and optimal incident efficiency. Below are the benefits of the system user:

  • Planning and scheduling routes to maximize efficiency, while reducing management costs (eg reducing fuel)
  • Optimization of Garbage truck traffic control
  • Rational waste management and coordination of cleaning programs with other transport and traffic in the city
  • Geographical recording of bins on a map
  • Waste carrier check from bins and waste collection
  • Monitoring of waste disposal in landfills
  • Scheduling shift of drivers and employees
  • Immediate service of citizens and emergency response (route of the nearest vehicle for collection)
  • Additional tools on the website of the Municipality for the participation of the citizens in the cleaning actions: Forms for recording the fullness of bins and forms of proposals of citizens for the change of the collection programs