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Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit

Bangkok BRT Project – Case Study

What is BRT?

BRT Bus Rapid Transit is a new transit system in Bangkok, Thailand. A plan has been approved to build 5 bus routes to a design similar to the TransJakarta. The first route, Sathon to Ratchaphruek, opened to the public on 29 May 2010.

The five BRT routes will cover just over 110 kilometres and cost nearly 13 billion baht. The routes can accommodate 50,000 passengers a day in the first year.

The next line that will be built is the Mor Chit – Pak Kred line which BMA expect to be complete in 2012.

Role in the Project.

Link Technologies S.A. played a key role in fulfilling the role of Telematics provider for the Bangkok Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project.

Link Technologies provided both hardware and software for the Vehicle Management System.

The Solution

The software itself connects to multiple external 3rd party systems. In the case of the BRT project, Link technologies had to come up with solutions to connect to these 3rd party vendors via SkyView.

The solution comprised of 3 external modules. These are:

  • The Traffic Light Management module
  • CCTV Management module
  • Station Display module

Internally, the SkyView software consists of several other modules created to make SkyView the most efficient and robust traffic management system available. These modules are as follows:

  • AVL Module
  • Connectivity to GPRS and TETRA Network module
  • Report Module
  • Bus Driver Shift Management Module
  • Bus Timetable Scheduling Module
  • Advert Scheduling at stations Module
  • Bus ETA module at the stations
  • Communications Module
  • Connectivity with the ERP program

The Achievements

Link Technologies completed with great success a difficult project in Bangkok. Despite the distance, the language and the time difference barriers our company implemented a great telematics solution.

Additionally, Link technologies successfully cooperated with 3rd parties on which adapted its solution and it showed great flexibility.

Last, the new and on-demand modules that Link Technologies developed and implemented in the project proved to be very helpful and left our customers extremely satisfied.

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