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Urban Transport Company of Ioannina

Urban Transport Company of Ioannina

Every year, Urban Transport Companies serves thousands of passengers, helping to relocate citizens and improve tourist traffic.

Link Technologies provides a wide range of solutions and services for KTEL fleets. Our company’s SKYVIEW software system contains applications that make it the most reliable and automated fleet management solution. Additionally, applications have been implemented that optimize fleet management, ticketing functions and parcel handling, which are transferred from the company’s buses.

Specifically, in the framework of our cooperation with the civilian KTEL of Ioannina, the following solutions have been implemented:

  • Traffic Management: There are 40 SKYLink devices installed on the buses to monitor the KTEL fleet through the Skyview software as well as 40 RFID Readers.
  • In-Vehicle Advertising Time Management: Passenger information and information screens are installed on each bus, which display advertising material at intervals.
  • Creation and Management of Audible Announcements and Managemen of ”Smart Bus Stops” on 6 lines