GeoRoute-Optimal Routing Software

GeoRoute-Optimal Routing Software


Following the fruitful collaboration between Link Technologies S.A. and Anatolia College with the installation of the “GeoSchool” application, where it was a useful tool for both students and parents, came “Best GeoRoute” software routing software. This software provides the ability to find the optimum route with parameters such as cost savings and shorter delivery times (delivery time). The immediate consequence of the above variables is the improvement of the services provided to students, where it is a core concern of Link Technologies and Anatolia College.

In particular, “GeoRoute” has the following features:

  • Ability to collect primary data from “GeoSchool” regarding: a) Student data to be managed b) Data of available vehicles c) Storing these data as a standalone set of dynamic data
  • Intelligent processing of dynamic data, using parameters such as transition and return stop, the declaration of absence, the displacement of the stop , but also change of available vehicles due to damage or impediment.
  • Create a copy of dynamic data
  • Run an algorithm based on different variables, such as the maximum length of time and the maximum distance traveled.

The implementation of the above algorithm returns the results and stores them in the “GeoSchool” application, further enhancing its infrastructure. In this way it is possible to reduce the delays of the routes and to further improve the information of the students.