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Egnatia Odos

Egnatia Odos

In partnership with Egnatia Odos, Link has been assigned the task of implementing a Central System that consolidates the data from the entire road network, as well as providing services to, and upgrading the local Traffic Control Centres .

To achieve this, a Central Traffic Info Server will be installed at Egnatia Odos SA’s headquarters, which will draw data from the Traffic Management Systems (TMS) of the  Traffic Control Centres, as well as other systems, with the aim of uniformly retrieving, organising and registering road traffic data.

Finally, an Egnatia Single Access Point data centre will be implemented and connected with the National Access Point.

The project provides numerous and significant benefits to Egnatia Odos, such as:

  • Smoother, faster, and more efficient coordination between local Traffic Control Centres , and the central offices
  • The provision of automation tools to remotely execute commands and respond faster to situations as they arise
  • Remote monitoring of the operational status of equipment
  • Ability to interface with other roadside installations, such as lighting.
  • Managing the consolidated data to generate and monitor alerts
  • Easily develop additional scenarios and test them in a simulation environment before going live
  • A comprehensive Report Generation Tool, with the ability to export in various formats