Under the sponsorship and co-financing of EYDE-ETAK (Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs), LINK created the Telelog Spin-off with the University of Athens in order to develop a Building Ενεργυ Management Wireless System.

The system consists of special sub-units that are placed on the devices and the loads that require monitoring and management. In the telemetry unit there is special software for tracking and managing the loads and devices of the network. These units monitor network and data is logged in a local database.

The software includes the following features :

  • Consumption reports
  • Working hours
  • Statistics 
  • Power Charts Full history
  • Network image in real time
  • Remote control of loads and devices
  • Preset load times
  • Ability to manage via SMS messages

All data is transferred to the central server for further analysis and aggregated reports from individual monitoring systems. This is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the area that we generally call “remote control,” as it allows anyone who has access to control and change the status of all electrical switches in a building, virtually anywhere in the world. Particularly in modern times, where the need to save energy is imperative, such applications are of particular importance.For this reason, an advanced application was designed and developed using the telecommunication unit and the power lines communication (PLC) technology. Generally, PLC technology can use the household wiring harness as a transmission medium. This is a technique used in home automation for remote management of lamps and home appliances without the installation of additional control cabling in each home.

Thermal Image Processing System

This system collects and analyzes images from thermal cameras that are located in points of interest and the data is managed locally and centrally by the server via the GSM network. The central server can connect clients to request data and process them. Software installed in MEAs and the central server allows data to be processed locally as well as remotely. Locally, results can be quickly extracted and users are alerted through visual and audible alarms.


The data is processed and stored and through the software there are the following capabilities:

  • Processing of thermal images
  • Parameters Analysis
  • Comparisons with desired limits
  • Notifications with visual and audible alarms
  • SMS notification