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Anatolia College

Anatolia College

The application developed in the framework of Link Technologies’ collaboration with Anatolia College is an essential tool for the day-to-day management of students’ schedules, which enhances the level of safety of their transport and optimizes parents’ information on the daily departures and arrivals of student.

In particular, the following applications have been implemented:

  • Mapping of all routes as well as the following information: Accurate Vehicle Course, Start / Arrival Hours, Station Info, Exact Time and Address, Student Registry, Student / Absentee Reports per Trip, Student Tab – Vehicle Tab
  • Mobile applications compatible with iPhone & Android (Native Apps)
  • Applications retrieve data from the college’s telematics system and provide information to schoolchildren’s guardians. The information includes school announcements as well as the location and time of arrival of the buses for delivery to students

The capabilities of the system administrator can be summarized as follows:

  • Creation of a route (trajectory design, starting area, stops for each student and student assignment at stops)
  • Schedule program (per week, per club etc)
  • Managing changes (changes to schedules, vehicle completeness, student changes, etc.)
  • Create reports for present and absent students
  • Add announcements