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Municipality of Paggaio

Municipality of Paggaio

The electronic logging system of the power grid, which was implemented in the municipality of Paggaio, is a complete web-based application for the digitization of the city’s / customer’s electric lighting network.At the initial level, the application provides the ability to record accurate positioning of all tissue as well as each web individually.

At the initial level, the application provides the ability to capture the exact location of all tissues as well as each web separately, along with the additional features described below:

  • Record accurate street lamp location
  • Accurate location of pillars
  • Imprinting all tissues and pillars on an interactive electronic map
  • Ability to switch between different maps (classic, thermal, etc.)
  • Tissue type recording in terms of material construction (metallic, wooden, etc.)
  • Recording of tissue status (cut wires, broken door, etc.)
  • Recording the street lamp (road, square, etc.)
  • Recording of the light bulb technology (LED, Sodium, etc.)
  • Bulb status (burning bulb, broken bulb, etc.)
  • Recording lamp power
  • Show open issues / problems
  • Ability to search for a specific paler or street lamp