Link Technologies


Municipality of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni

Municipality of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni

Utilizing advanced telematics technologies, Link Technologies has developed an integrated electric and remote management system for Municipalities and Regions.

Specifically, in the context of Link Technologies’ cooperation with the Municipality of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni, the remote control and telecontrol system of the electric lighting network offers the following:

  • Recording of the characteristics of the luminaires (number, type of lamp, etc.)
  • Creation of an electronic platform for the proper management and monitoring of the electric lighting network
  • Graphic depiction of the power network using customer-specific maps in the electronic management platform
  • Monitoring of luminaires or groups of luminaires (position, status, intensity, etc.) on an electrical network map
  • Record network consumption statistics in real time
  • Historical data recording of network operations (number of failures per month, maintenance, etc.)
  • Remote Power Management (ON / OFF)
  • Identification of changes in the electrical load of the network for possible damage
  • Automatic warning system in the event of a breakdown at any point in the power supply network
  • Multiple levels of users with an access management system
  • Create a mobile app with comment / remark support and technical support
  • Interfacing with third-party systems (ERP, warehouse system,etc)