Conference ‘’Sustainable Urban Mobility’’


On September 28-30 in the area of ​​OK! Thess was organized the Weekend of Innovation in Urban Transport, by Link Technologies S.A. in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Transport Organization and the Innovation Ecosystem of Ok! Thess.

Participants were invited to present their ideas and set the appropriate bases to make them at least sustainable in a realistic environment. Each was evaluated on the basis of: (i) Feasibility (ii) Sustainability (iii) and Economic Viability, by the most prominent in Urban Mobility Projects, Mr. Simos Benassas (Chief of Ok! Thess), Mr. Ioannis Damianos (CEO Link Technologies) and Mr. Ioannis Tsionas (Managing Director of OSETH).

The main axes of the participants’ ideas were as follows:

Intelligent Parking, Intelligent Parking, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Mobility, Virtual Loading Bay, Collaborative Smart Systems, Contemporary Interchanges, Traffic Congestion Charges, Joint Venture Societies in the Field of Shared Mobility

In addition to the prize money, the teams that have decided to go further to implement their idea have provided mentoring from the sponsor of the Link Technologies S.A.